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Dear Colleagues: Here is the news today about Ebola in the U.S newspapers, media, lay current affairs journals and science magazines, and NEJM and PLoS medical journals as of 8 p.m., St. Louis time.

l.  USA Today reports that patient traveling from Liberia to Dallas, TX, and now hospitalized in isolation had contact with 100 persons. Five school age children at four different schools were quarantined, but one child went to school today for 4 hours before he/she was removed from school.  No information from Texas Presbyterian Hospital re: how patient/isolation room waste is being handled.

2.  NBC News reports 30 minutes ago that a cameraman with Dr. Nancy Synderman in Liberia has EBOV.  NBC News will fly all persons on this story back to U.S. and quarantine them for 21 days.  I believe all persons leaving Liberia should be treated as EBOV infected until otherwise proven.  In reality, this means no one should leave Liberia or any other affected country until they pass a 21 day quarantine period.  We can’t have-whites get to go to America; blacks have to stay and take their chances.

3.  NEJM Ebola Alert has Perspective by Heinz Feldmann, M.D. titled ‘Ebola – A Growing Threat?’.  The Perspective appeared on line May 7th and will appear in print version of NEJM on October 10.1056/NEJMp14053149th.  Dr. Feldman nicely summarizes EBOV disease and what he would ask the world to do to stop the now-pandemic: respond rapidly to outbreaks; get diagnostic kits to villages where infection strikes (don’t send samples to reference labs); share information on-line and open source information; get moving on licensing and approval of vaccines and experimental drugs.  See DOI: 10.1056/NEJMp1405314.

4.  Dr. Timothy Flanigan’s Blog from Monrovia, Liberia, today is an interview with a priest caring for EBOV patients in Liberia with his nuns.  The villagers distrust white people; Liberians need to trained to care for EBOV patients, not outsiders.  Priest says we are too late with too little.  He will pray.

5.  Here is St. Louis, young parents have seen the NBC and CBS morning and evening news shows, and are frightened by the interviews conducted.  Dr. Frieden should not be speaking for the CDC; he is a poor public speaker and cannot handle questions well.  Dr. Fauci or a professional press officer for the CDC should do the talking.  The mayor of Dallas scared everyone with his interview on TV tonight.  No overarching leadership is present.  President Obama needs to act yesterday. To my surprise, my own daughters with young children are making plans where to go when the pandemic begins to spread in the U.S.  That’s what a lack of leadership and fear does to people.



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