SHEA Spotlight: In NICU only touch infants with gloves/Hosp. transmit HAI to Nursing Homes


Dear Colleagues:  Two important articles in SHEA Spotlights these past two issues:

l.  If HCW wash hands then wear gloves before touching infants or intravenous lines or enteric tubes for infants, the rate of central line infections decreases by 64%.  The combination of hand hygiene + gloves before touching infant or equipment in infant should be the new standard of care for all NICU (and SICU and MICU and CCU, given the very significant decrease in line infection rate).  See Reference 1.

2.  Nursing home residents acquire 41% of their infections from stays in hospital and 57% of infections from their nursing home. These residents bring the HAI back to the nursing home.  See Reference 2.



1.  Kaufman DA.  ‘Use of gloves after…’ JAMA Pediatr 2014; doi: 10.1001/jamapediatrics.2014.953

2.  Kahuecioglu, et. al.  ‘MDRO infections…’


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