Evening Ebola Update, Sun, 10/5, for WHO: Some good news on ‘Face The Nation’   Leave a comment


Dear Colleagues:

1.  Dr. Fauci was interviewed on ‘Face The Nation’ this morning.  Fauci reported two ‘good news’ items: ZMapp will again become available in 4-6 weeks; Phase 1 NIH vaccine trials on 20 volunteers are finishing up, so that Phase 2 vaccine trials in West Africa will begin in first quarter 2015.

2.  Interview with Dr. Frieden last evening showed he has received public speaking coaching.  He was more composed, less verbose, and spoke about specific measures for containing EBOV in U.S.  Frieden (and the President) does not believe that a Ebola czar necessary now; that local ‘incident directors’ can contain local outbreaks with CDC aid.

3.  NY Times reports that the EBOV patient at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital is now critical; intubated and on dialysis.

4.  Dr. Sacra, EBOV patient recently released from Nebraska hospital, has been admitted to Maine hospital for cough and fever.  EBOV tests pending at this time.

No new articles in PLoS this Sunday.



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