Ebola Update for Thurs, 10/9: U.K.. entry screening; 300 U.S. troops in Liberia; Phase 2a test in Mali.   Leave a comment


Dear Colleagues:

l.  ABC News reports that a total of 300 U.S. troops have landed in Monrovia, Liberia, to establish treatment centers for EBOV.  Other media erroneously reported that a total of 3000 U.S. troops had landed.  British and German troops are also on the ground to build treatment centers.

2.  ABC News reports that SIerra Leone has released some of the supplies languishing on their port docks to NGOs.  This is a start, but other containers remain on the docks.

3.  ABC News reports that a Phase 2a test of an adenovirus + EBOV protein vaccine developed by the University of Maryland and NIH will begin in Mali, an African country unaffected by EBOV.  This is an update from the NEJM Perspective summarized last evening.

4.  Wall Street Journal reports that cleaners of airplane restrooms for AirServ have struck at La Guardia in NYC, which has no international flights arriving.  Strikers say they haven’t received EBOV education or protection.  AirServ denies these charges.  AirServ workers have just voted to join the service workers’ union, so this strike may really be over wages and union recognition by AirServ.

5. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has issued a Safety and Health Topics: Ebola memorandum.  The memo can be found at http://www.OSHA.gov.  The memo is more complete than other memos I have read and is specific to various job classifications and EBOV precautions.

6. The Guardian reports that Britain will begin entry screenings including temperature checks on passengers arriving in U.K. from West Africa on airplanes.  NBC News survey reports that 60% of those people in U.S. questioned stated they favored entry screenings for passengers from West Africa.

Spain and Germany and U.S. have hospitalized more EBOV contacts for observation over the last 24 hours.  This is a far better decision than observing these contacts in home situations, because hospital environments are controllable and EBOV precautions are used by all staff caring for the contacts. RT-PCR testing can be performed twice a day on these hospitalized contacts.



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