Tonite’s Ebola Update, Thurs, 10/23: MSF MD in Bellevue Hosp./Paul Allen directs $100M to fight EBOV   Leave a comment


Dear Colleagues:

l.  WHO’s Emergency Ebola Committee met yesterday and issued a Statement today.  The following facts are included in their Statement: EBOV cases continue an exponential increase in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea as of yesterday; primary directive continues to be stopping the spread of EBOV in these 3 countries; no international travel ban to/from these 3 countries should be issued ( a ban would lead to economic collapse of these countries); no general banning of persons from these 3 countries to international meetings or sports competitions should be made.  See: for complete Statement.

2.  NY Times reports that an American physician who worked for MSF in Liberia until 10/14 spiked a 103 degree F. fever last night in NYC and quarantined himself immediately.  He was transferred by the Fire Department in full body suits to Bellevue Hospital, a designated EBOV hospital in NYC.  If this is EBOV, his incubation period of 9 days matches the median incubation period for EBOV of 9.3 days.

3.  NY TImes reports that Paul Allen has quadrupled his original $26 Million donation to fight EBOV to $100 Million, and Allen plans to get the big donors to act united in their efforts/donations to fight EBOV.  Mr. Allen will give some of his donation to Univ. of Massachusetts Medical School to train HCW for EBOV care; pay HCW to care for patients in Liberia; establish two evacuation and treatment centers in Liberia for HCW who become EBOV patients.  Mr. Allen will pay the difference in what insurance pays and what evacuation airflights cost so that there are no more 50 hour delays in evacuating infected HCW (Thank you, Paul Allen).

I will report on the vaccine meeting at WHO HQ in Geneva to everyone as soon as the report appears on the WHO website under Situation Assessment.  I apologize for initial lack of subject title on last night’s posting and then the wrong date on the edited subject title.



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