Afternoon Ebola Update, Mon, 10/27: U.S. troops in Liberia isolated in Italy/Video explains Gire, et. al.   Leave a comment


Dear Colleagues:

1.  WHO reported this morning that keeping GSK vaccine frozen once deliveries have been made to West Africa will be a big problem because the vaccine must be stored at -80 degrees Celsius.

2.  Dr. Tim Flanigan’s blog from Liberia shows a photograph of nurses in maternal medicine in full protective garb.  See:  Note there is still the possibility of skin contamination between the googles and the face mask which may move while talking to the patient.  Disposable hoods should be worn so no facial skin is ever exposed.  Facial skin is too close to the lips which are the entrance to the mouth for droplets.

3.  Time Magazine reports that the troopers in Liberia for scouting out locales for treatment centers and were planning to return to the U.S. have been isolated and monitored in Vincenza, Italy, by Italian authorities.  Major General Darryl Williams, their commander, is among the isolated.  He has turned his duties over to the 101st Airborne.  Now the shoe is on the other foot.  I wonder what Ambassador to the U.N. Samantha Power plans to do after her West African visit.

4.  Dr. Sabeti has produced a video on EBOV for the World Economic Forum.  This video explains the complicated figures in the Gire, et. al. article in Science on the genome of the EBOV virus in Sierra Leone.  The video also shows that West Africa has very capable scientists.  Yet scientists are few in number in West Africa so the death of a single scientist is a tragedy to his/her family but also to West Africa.  See the 26 minute video at:

5.  Becker’s Hospital Review contains a timeline for the travels of Dr. Spencer in NYC before he was hospitalized at Bellevue Hospital with EBOV.  See: for details.

6.  White House press officer says that CDC will have some guidelines for isolation/monitoring of HCW who have contact with EBOV patients shortly.  Maybe a compromise with the governors can be reached so that this business is taken out of the political realm and returned to the medical community.

Today’s update is posted early because my laptop needs to go to the shop this evening for an overhaul.  I hope for its return tomorrow afternoon.

Be safe wherever you are,



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