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Dear Colleagues:

1.  NY Times reports that Nurse Hickox who is quarantined in a tent adjacent to a New Jersey hospital has texted conditions of her quarantine: paper gowns, no heat, no TV, portable toilet, and no fever.  ACLU may take her case against New Jersey.

2.  NY Times reports that President Obama’s staff is in contact with Gov. Cuomo and Gov. Christy about their state quarantines.  Dr. Fauci does not believe the quarantines are necessary; that HCW can self-monitor.  Perhaps a compromise would be for HCW to spend the first 11 days of his/her quarantine in West Africa at an Ebola-free site and the last 11 days of their quarantine in their homes in the U.S. strictly isolated and monitored by state health officials.  RT-PCR testing to be performed on Day #1 of quarantine, just prior to flight out of West Africa, upon arrival at home in U.S., and on Day #22 of quarantine.  The HCW could be transported from airport to home by specially prepared ambulance.  This is a complicated compromise, but now is election season, and the quarantines are all in states where governors are in tight races, especially Illinois and Florida.

3. USA Today reports that the military will have portable isolation units available for evacuating U.S. troops with suspected or confirmed EBOV from West Africa by C-17 or C-130.  These air transports can carry 8 to 12 portable isolation units for patients and 4 isolation units for HCW.

4.  Ebola workers in West Africa and scientists here and abroad have established a website called Ebola Deeply, which is dedicated to correcting misinformation on EBOV in West Africa, distributing digitally scientific information about EBOV, and establishing lines of communication between all of the NGOs and countries and WHO working in West Africa.  See the website at: http://www.eboladeeply.org.


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