Evening Ebola Update, Sat, 11/22: Dr. Fauci on CSPAN/ UN goals not to be met by Dec 1   Leave a comment


Dear Colleagues:

l. Tonight CSPAN  (TV) presented Dr. Fauci’s formal talk and Q/A from his recent appearance at a National Press Club luncheon.  Dr. Fauci was clearly more relaxed than when delivering testimony to Congress; when asked how he remains so calm in crises, he responded that he speaks about scientific facts, remains consistent in his remarks, and states when he is uncertain or does not know the answers to questions.  Re: EBOV he stated that we need regional centers for EBOV and other BSL 3 and 4 infections; that the American public needs to consider the probability of EBOV infection (very low due to our health infrastructure) when discussing EBOV as a health risk; that the best means of avoiding any infection is: ‘Wash your hands’.

2. Science 14 November on page 823 reports further on TLR4, the receptor that mediates the reaction that allows ‘shed’ EBOV glycoprotein (GP) to bind to macrophages and dendritic cells and thereby release cytokines which make blood vessels ‘leaky’.  See: Sci. Signal. 7, ra108 (2014).

3.  WHO reported yesterday on the case number and distribution of EBOV in West Africa in a Situation Update.  EBOV is still widespread in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea; over 15,000 cases and over 5,000 deaths.  See: http://www.who.int/csr/disease/ebola/situation-reports/en/?m=20141121.  Dr. Chan of WHO and Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon of the U.N. urged the the world not to become complacent because of the recent decrease in reported cases in Liberia and Guinea.  It is not likely that the U.N.’s goal of 70% safe burials and 70% isolation of EBOV patients in West Africa will be met by the U.N.’s December 1st date.  See; http://www.nytimes.com/2014/11/22/world/africa/mali-ebola-epidemic-who.html?_r=0 for more details of their webcast from the World Bank.



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