Evening Ebola Update, Sun, 11/23: Sierra Leone infection rate up 30%/ Guinea status unknown   Leave a comment


Dear Colleagues:  Tonight is Sunday in the U.S. so that journal postings, magazine articles, and media reports on EBOV are few in number.

l.  Reuters reports the U.N. has established an office in Mali to help stop the EBOV outbreak in Mali.  Six deaths are now reported; one EBOV patient is under treatment.  Mali says there are 300 contacts of the deceased iman and his nurse that are being followed.  The U.N. says there are 500 such contacts.

2.  USA Today reports the EBOV infection rate in Sierra Leone increased 30% from November 4th to November 21st.  U.K. is now sending additional HCW to Sierra Leone to stem the tide.  The status of cases in Guinea is unconfirmed because cases are in rural villages.

3.  Gabon is not currently experiencing EBOV.  Four outbreaks have occurred in the past in Gabon-1994, 1996, 1997, and 2001.  Research done in Gabon in 2010 by the French Institute for Research and Development showed that 15% of the persons living in Gabon forests had antibodies to EBOV, but no history of clinical EBOV.  Apes, chimpanzees, and fruit bats also live in these forests. Note only 2% of persons living in lakeland areas in Gabon had antibodies to EBOV.  The IRD report is interesting reading and includes photos of the forest and lakeland areas of Gabon.  See this report at: http://en.ird.fr/the-media-centre/scientific-newssheets/337-possible-natural-immunity-to-ebola



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