Evening Ebola Update, Mon, 12/1: Sierra Leone/Liberia do not meet UN goals/How ZMapp works/UK rx HCW in Africa   Leave a comment

12/1/14  World AIDS Day

Dear Colleagues:

l.  Ars Technica has an article which explains how ZMapp antibodies work to prevent EBOV infectivity.  The information presented complements Dr. Racaniello’s article included in my last posting.  Note the orientation of the diagram of GPs and ZMapp antibodies in the Ars Technica article is suboptimal; it is not easy to imagine the two antibodies at the base of the 3 GPs. It is these two antibodies at the base of GPs which neutralize EBOV infectivity. See the Ars Technica article at: http://arstechnica.com/science/2014/11/finding-the-ebola-virus-vulnerable-points/. 

2.  Compare the Ars Technica diagram to the diagram of the GP-antibody complex in Racaniello’s article at: http://www.virology.ws/2014/11/25/how-zmapp-antibodies-bind-to-ebola-virus/  Racaniello’s diagram is more accurate than the Ars Technica diagram.

3.  Correspondence in The Lancet 30 October recommends that hyperimmune serum be obtained from EBOV vaccinated persons for treatment of EBOV patients, rather than from convalescent EBOV patients.  Vaccinated persons will be more easily located and more easily convinced to donate serum than recovered EBOV patients.  See the article at: http://www.thelancet.com/journals/langlo/article/PIIS2214-109X(14)70341-9/fulltext

4.  The Lancet today has correspondence related to the U.K.’s decision to treat HCW who contract EBOV in West Africa in the U.K. facility in Kerrytown, Sierra Leone.  This facility has the services to do fluid resuscitation and electrolyte balancing, but not renal dialysis or mechanical ventilation.  The correspondence today states that renal dialysis and/or mechanical ventilation does not improve outcomes in EBOV patients.  So the authors accept the U.K.’s decision to treat HCW in country.  The authors do not address the fact that experimental treatments may not be available in country, but may be available in the U.K..  See the correspondence at: http://download.thelancet.com/flatcontentassets/pdfs/S0140673614622509.pdf 

5.  Ebola Deeply reports that only Guinea has met the U.N.’s goal of 70% EBOV patients isolated and 70% deceased EBOV patients buried safely by December 1st.  In Guinea 70% of EBOV patients are now isolated, and 80% of burials are safe.  In Sierra Leone only 40% of EBOV patients are isolated, and 25% of burials are safe.  In LIberia only 23% of EBOV patients are isolated, and 25% of burials are safe.

6.  Daily Mail quotes WHO source as saying there are 16,169 reported EBOV cases in West Africa and 6,928 recorded deaths from EBOV as of December 1st.



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