Evening Ebola Update, Sat, 12/6: More M.D. die in Sierra Leone/Cuban MD saved in Geneva/Donate computer time to Scripps to find cure for EBOV   Leave a comment


Dear Colleagues:  Today is Saturday in the U.S., and the journals, magazines, and media have a day of rest.  So my sources of EBOV information on the worldwide Web are quiet today.  But there is news:

l.  ABC News reports that two physicians being treated for EBOV in Sierra Leone have died.  Now nine of eleven physicians in Sierra Leone have died from their EBOV infections.  One physician has been successfully treated; another physician is undergoing treatment.

2.  Reuters reports that the Cuban physician airlifted to Geneva for treatment of EBOV contracted in Sierra Leone has been successfully treated for his disease.  He received both ZMab (a precursor to ZMapp) and the flu drug favipiravir.  After receiving these drugs, he was improved in 48 hours.  See the Reuters article at: http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/12/06/health-ebola-cuba-idUSL6N0TQ08U20141206

3.  DIrect Relief has partnered with 50 companies including Big Pharma to make available supplies to treat EBOV at reduced prices.  Direct Relief is on the ground in West Africa having shipped $11.4 Million in supplies to Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone.  Direct Relief is also in the Phillipines today after the super-typhoon struck the Islands.  You can see the DIrect Relief  discounts for specific EBOV supplies at their website:  http://www.directrelief.org/emergency/2014-west-africa-ebola-outbreak/

4.  Fortune reports the U.S. EBOV ‘czar’, Mr. Klain, will return to Case Holdings by March 1st.  His current task is to convince Congress to pass authorization for funding President Obama’s request for $6.2 billion for EBOV services in West Africa and the U.S.

5. Tech Times reports that we can donate unused time on our computers to Scripps Research Institute to form a ‘supercomputer’ for Scripps so the Institute can hasten the process of finding drugs to effectively fight EBOV.  The IBM World Community Grid is utilized for this project between Scripps, IBM, and generous computer owners.  See: http://www.techtimes.com/articles/21595/20141205/you-can-now-help-find-a-cure-for-ebola-with-your-computer.htm to learn how to donate your unused computer time.  Thank you IBM.



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