Evening Ebola Update, Sat, 12/20: Ban Ki-moon, Dr. Chan visit EBOV ctrs and HCW/Amiodarone prevents cell entry/   Leave a comment

12/20/14:  (Five more shopping days to Christmas)

Dear Colleagues:  Today is Saturday in the U.S. and many journalists, newspaper reporters, and media interviewers are not working today.  So EBOV news and journal reports on the Web are reduced in number.  Here is what I found by searching the Web:

l.  Addendum to  my The Lancet article  summary ofthe treatment of the Sierra Leone patient reported by Wolf, et. al at University Hospital in Frankfurt:  The patient started himself on oral and intravenous amiodarone on Day 5 of his symptoms.  Amiodarone prevents EBOV from entering host cells in vitro.

2.  The Guardian reports that WHO has a total number of 19,000 reported cases of EBOV, and 7,400 deaths from the disease.

3.  The Guardian reports that Ban Ki-moon and Dr. Chan have visited Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea EBOV treatment centers and met with HCW and country presidents.  See: http://www.un.org/apps/news/story.asp?NewsID=49653#.VJYPH-iDA



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