Evening Ebola Update, Sun, 12/21: News sources/DOS report on sad state of affairs in Sierra Leone   Leave a comment


Dear Colleagues:  Today is Sunday in the U.S. which is a day of rest or football on TV or Christmas shopping this Sunday.  So the webs sites I search for EBOV news are quiet.  Three web sites did have new information-all the information was related to the sad state of affairs in Sierra Leone.

l.  Reuters reports that Sierra Leone has mobilized HCW to go to Kono district where the latest outbreak has been located.  But a rapid response has not happened yet.  See: http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/12/21/us-health-ebola-leone-idUSKBN0JZ0KE20141221

2.  International NY Times has a report on the Sierra Leone situation in Freetown by Gettleman, the Times East Africa bureau chief.  Gettleman is dismayed by the slow-motion response of Sierra Leone to cases in Sierra Leone.  So the bureau chief interviewed an American infectious disease expert in Freetown who explained Sierra Leone had very few ambulances, not enough EBOV beds, inability to identify EBOV cases rapidly (testing centers are far and few), slow isolation and treatment of EBOV patients.  IV fluids are not available everywhere cases are located.  See: http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/12/21/us-health-ebola-leone-idUSKBN0JZ0KE20141221

3.  U.S. Department of State’s Humanitarian Information Unit published on 12 December a graphic of West Africa showing distribution of cases in the 3 stricken countries, where EBOV treatment centers are located, where border crossing checkpoints are functioning, statistics as of 12 December.  My interpretation of the graphic is: majority of cases arise in crowded capital cities and spread outward; EBOV treatment centers are located only in capital cities; testing centers are located in EBOV treatment centers so they are far from rural outbreaks; very few border crossing checkpoints so borders are ‘porous’.  This graphic produced from data from WHO, CDC, our CIA, can be viewed at: https://col128.mail.live.com/mail/ViewOfficePreview.aspx?messageid=mgAmrXuMSI5BGPWRBgS7O06A2&folderid=flsent&attindex=0&cp=-1&attdepth=0&n=59866572



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