Evening Ebola Update, Fri, 12/26: Strategies of EBOV drug vendors/’Community isolation’/Orphans   Leave a comment


Dear Colleagues:

l.  Investor’s Business Daily reports on the various strategies that EBOV drug makers have used to invest in viral drug manufacturing.  The key statement in this comprehensive report is:

“Maybe (Ebola will be) very profitable on a big scale for somebody, but it’s certainly not a chronic disease,” he told IBD. “As investors, we love cures, but there’s nothing like a chronic disease for revenues forever.”

See the entire IBD article at: http://www.nasdaq.com/article/viral-investing-ebola-drug-makers-varied-strategies-cm427500#ixzz3N3NZMfXo

2.  Nature 6 November published an article by Whitty of the U.K. Department of International Development and Farrar, Director of the Wellcome Trust, and others advocating the tough choice of  ‘community isolation’ in Sierra Leone to decrease the time to isolation of EBOV patients.  The goal is to isolate 70% of EBOV patients within 3 days of symptoms, which would decrease the number of persons infected by each newly infected EBOV patient to 1 or less (this number is called R or the reproduction rate).  ‘Community isolation’ would keep all patients with fever, diarrhea, vomiting, or other symptoms consistent with EBOV isolated in a tent or shelter near their village until the results of their EBOV tests were received.  The village would thereby be protected from EBOV transmission while EBOV tests were being processed; these tests can take several days for transport, processing, return of results to a remote village.  See the entire article at: http://www.nature.com/news/infectious-disease-tough-choices-to-reduce-ebola-transmission-1.16298

3.  Voice of America reports that the majority of the 10,000 orphans left with one parent or no parent after the EBOV epidemic have been ‘adopted’ by other family members or the community in which they live.  But some orphans are not ‘adopted’ and left to the WHO or UN or religious orders to care for.  Families do not want to ‘adopt’ these orphans because of the economic cost or the stigma/fear associated with their parents having died of EBOV.  See this article at: http://www.voanews.com/content/ebola-orphans-challenge-west-african-culture/2573837.html



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