Afternoon Ebola Update, Sun, 12/28: Effect of EBOV epidemic on Malaria Tx and Deaths/Czar dodges AMC trainees to West Africa question/New term for 1976 Zaire EBOV strains   Leave a comment


Dear Colleagues:

l.  ABC News posted an AP story today on the Web reporting on the Malaria situation in West Africa now that we are in the worst of the Malaria season.  There were 15,000 deaths from Malaria in Guinea last year; 14,000 deaths occurred in children less than 5 y.o.   The planned Malaria prevention measures in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone will not happen in 2015 as a result of the diversion of medical assets to prevent and treat EBOV.  In Liberia the planned distribution of 2 million nets will not occur.  See this disturbing article at:  (Remember the previous posting of an article which projected 180,000 maternal deaths from complications after childbirth in West Africa because non-EBOV treatment centers and hospitals are closed.)

2.  The U.S. EBOV ‘czar’ Ron Klain appeared on ‘Face the Nation’ TV show this morning.  He answered all the moderator’s questions in a positive manner.  Unfortunately, Mr. Klain ‘dodged’ the moderator’s question re” ‘roadblocks’ placed in the way of academic medical center trainees who wish to volunteer for service in West Africa for 3 or 6 months.  These trainees are just the people whom West Africa needs to bring EBOV cases to zero.  See a report of his interview at:

3.  American Society of Microbiology 20 November published on-line an article by Kuhn, et. al. from Fort Detrick, CDC, and USAMRIID, that re-identifies 1976 Zaire EBOV strains so that confusion over multiple terms for the same strain is eliminated:

‘Ebola virus (EBOV) was discovered in 1976 around Yambuku, Zaire. A lack of nomenclature standards resulted in a variety of designations for each isolate, leading to confusion in the literature and databases. We sequenced the genome of isolate E718/ME/Ecran and unified the various designations under Ebola virus/H.sapiens-tc/COD/1976/Yambuku-Ecran.’

‘Nucleotide sequence accession numbers.The GenBank accession no. of EBOV E718, now designated Ebola virus/H.sapiens-tc/COD/1976/Yambuku-Ecran, is KM655246.

See the article at:



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