Evening Ebola Update, Sun, 1/4/15: Scottish nurse doing poorly/Chap. 2 summary from World Bank Report   Leave a comment


Dear Colleagues:

Today is the final day of the New Year’s Holiday (even in Russia this year) so more EBOV news, articles will begin appearing on the Web tomorrow,  Here is the latest on the Web today:

l.  The Guardian reports that the Scottish nurse at the Royal Free is doing poorly.  Day 5-8 of the EBOV infection are the most critical days.  If the patient can survive to Day 13, statistically her chances of a full recovery are good.

2.  Chapter 2 of the World Bank’s World Development Report is entitled ‘Thinking Socially’.  Here are the take-home concepts for me from this chapter:

Figure 2.1 on page 43 says that our decisions are affected by others’ thinking and doing and their expectations of us.  We are ‘pulled’ into collective behavior by these actions or feelings of others.

Figure 2.2 on page 45 says that children raised during war do not share with other children outside their ‘side’ (group).

Figure 2.3 on page 47 says that punishment for non-cooperation does increase cooperation in social situations.

Figure 2.4 on page 48 says that no one really expects a ‘free ride’; people expect to work for a reward.

Figure 2.6 on page 53 says that public notices for certain behaviors does increase compliance with that behavior.

Please note that the page numbers tonight and in the future will refer to the page numbers on the report’s pages, rather than the ‘page counter’ that overlies the printed pages.



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